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Welcome to Olympic Oxygen

Olympic Oxygen Services was organized in 1980 as a logical extension of the parent company, Olympic Ambulance. Centrally located on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, the company was designed to provide oxygen to private homes and commercial accounts, such as doctors, dentists and veterinarians that had previously relied upon welding supply companies for their medical oxygen.

Emergency trucks from Olympic OxygenOlympic Oxygen has grown considerably since conception and we have recently added our own oxygen filling plant. This new privately owned plant will be the first of its kind on the Olympic Peninsula and will allow us to fill high pressure portable cylinders and liquid oxygen vessels on site.   The new operation is designed to free our customers from the isolation associated with periods of extreme inclement weather, natural disasters or national emergencies, and ensure uninterrupted service for all of their oxygen needs. Our sales and service will expand outside the local area to encompass the needs and requirements of customers throughout our beautiful rural community.

Technology has changed over the years and in our efforts to provide our clients with the best equipment available we are continually upgrading our products. We offer oxygen enriching machines, Nebulizers and bottled or liquid oxygen. We also work closely with our local sleep labs to provide CPAP ( Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and BiPAP (Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure) units for Sleep Apnea and related conditions.

Local owners, Bill and Esther Littlejohn, along with the knowledgeable and caring staff at Olympic Oxygen, are striving to become your Medical Oxygen and CPAP provider of choice in Sequim and the greater Peninsula area.

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